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Our Mission

Conservation. communication. Community.

At The Bustards, we are in active pursuit of creating awareness and sustainable impact through storytelling with the help of powerful visuals, meaningful digital media communication, and initiating dialogues revolving around nature and wildlife conservation within local communities.

The growing team comprises of professionals coming from diverse backgrounds striving for one common goal - that of creating avenues and executing programs through the medium of visual storytelling, to drive impact within local communities on the ground to engage in sustainable ways of living and conservation of wildlife ecosystems.

Our team


Ishan Sharma

Film Director and Cinematographer.

Ishan Sharma was raised listening to the intriguing tales of Jim Corbett, in the hills of Almora in Uttrakhand to grow up to be a wildlife filmmaker and storyteller himself. His key interests lie in human-wildlife interactions. He has been engaged in capturing stories of rural communities in Central India and the Himalayas, living with the Naga head hunters of Manipur, filming tiger conflict in Vidharba, making an audiovisual journal of the forest guards of Pench, filming vultures and the Great Indian Bustards in the Thar and is currently involved in developing a community conservation program with Bishnois in Jaisalmer.


Ishan byotra

Producer and Mountaineer

Ishan, a producer and adventurer from Jammu, found his love for the wilderness while living in the Western Ghats of Karnataka during his engineering college years.  His passion for Himalayan Bears led him to start working with the Bustards, along with a like-minded friend, after witnessing the negative impact of unsustainable development on the Himalayan landscape. With years of experience living and working with different communities, Ishan brings a unique perspective to his production work, which is inspired by his love for the wilderness and the natural world.

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uditchandra pal

 Camera Trap Head & Trail Guide 

A photographer from a village in eastern Rajasthan, Udit grew up in a family that valued conservation. He documented their work to rewild their ancestral land and found his connection to the ground by tracking wildlife with locals from different cultures. He bought trail cameras to understand the wilderness and its inhabitants better and used his photography to highlight neglected species and habitats.

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